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How does DSP, SSP work?

More and more marketers prefer using advertising exchanges to buy and sell advert space. It is connected with the fact that such mediators are able to make the process easy and fast compared to the traditional way of ad buying. In the article, we will answer all the questions concerning the work of ad exchange and the related platforms.

General principles of ad exchange work

Every advert exchange is a third-party resource, which connects publishers and advertisers. Thus, they can offer the advert inventory and make bids on the offers, which correspond to their requirements. 

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How does ad exchange work

Advertising exchanges are special marketplaces, which are created for the cooperation of advertisers and publishers. They allow making a trading process easier and much faster. Read about the benefits and key features of an advert exchange.

What is an ad exchange?

Any advert exchange is a digital marketplace, where users can sell and purchase the advert space. It is a third-party platform, which organizes online auctions for publishers and advertisers. The auctions are usually carried out in real time, while advertisers can make bids on the offers, which correspond to their requirements.

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Traffic sources: what are traffic sources? Help you move beyond Google

All the websites owners are aimed at attracting as much traffic as possible. There are various sources of it depending on the type of resource. If you want to know, where your traffic comes from, it is required to use Web Analytics. Thus, you can find out not just the ways of traffic attraction but also the most influential sources of it.

Metrics of the traffic sources

If you use special analytical programs, you can obtain the following types of data:


  1. Direct traffic. Direct traffic is defined as visitors who open your site by writing your URL or opening it from a bookmark.
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What is an ad exchange and their types

We have just learned how advertising networks functions and which one will be the most profitable for a certain type of business, but the situation has become different again. The progress doesn’t come alone and we have a new trendy approach - buying ads at online ad exchanges.

What is the difference between old and new strategies?

First of all, we should remember how traditional ad networks work. Publishers offer mainly remnant inventory they have and the network sells it to Advertisers for a certain commission.

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Different types of marketing platforms

When we talk about types of marketing platforms, they are generally divided into 2 big groups:


  • online;
  • offline.


The latter one represents such places like radio, TV, billboard, leaflets and so on.


While a second one is relatively young as appeared with the Internet invention, however it has grown up a lot and includes several categories. Let’s have a look what their peculiarities are and how we can use them effectively.

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How to to retain customers

If you have a chance to ask any business owner, he or she will tell you how attracting of new clients is and that retaining of existing customers is cheaper and simpler.

To see why it is so, let’s see one customer retention example.

A company ABC has 100 clients per month and retain only 80 customers from the list. While their competitor DEF retain 90 clients with the same amount of customers. In the here and now the situation doesn’t seem so dramatically different for both companies.

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What are the roles of Advertiser and Publisher in marketing?

When start thinking about monetizing your app or website, you are certainly to see the figures of an Advertiser and a Publisher. Now it is high time to clear up the mess and say who is who in the game.

What are the roles of Advertiser and Publisher in marketing?

Actually, everything is very simple here.


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Then and now

Appeals to marketers to become mobile started appearing more than 5 years ago. All copybook maxims are more than just important nowadays, as mobile devices are not tools to get in touch with your mom or best friend, but a way to offer individual scope of advertisements and various marketing message directly to each person.


Last year survey showed that more than three quarters of American citizens owe a mobile device. The point is that there amount is growing, as people start giving phones to their children in the kindergarten.

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Most popular marketing strategies

Marketing seems to be the simplest but at the same the most cunning science for online businesses. The costs can rise up to six-figure sums. But spending a lot doesn’t mean spending effectively. Some marketing strategies may not suit for small companies or, vice versa, be poor performing for business sharks.


In our collection we have 10 marketing strategies that can be easily implemented into businesses of different types. It doesn’t mean that you should use them all, at least you may not have time to track their effectivity or progress at all. 

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How to buy traffic

The idea of buying traffic is especially relevant for new businesses that are just thinking how to unwind the processes. One common misconception is that buying traffic in bulk is something illegal or dishonest. We can reassure you as even big companies like Coca-Cola or Nestle often resort to this kind of practice. Bulk website traffic is not only about getting more customers, but improving your positions in search results and rising you in front of your competitors. Search system track increased number of visits and make provision that your website is trustworthy and recommend it to other Internet users. Relative cheapness is also one more tempting option to try the approach.
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