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What Is Geotargeting?

When you work on your website it seems that you can control a lot if not everything: texts, videos, images and all that stuff. But you cannot regulate the people coming to you. The situation becomes even more complicated if your domain area is like “.com”, “.net” or “.org” as controlling who becomes to your website is a challenge and marketers have created geo targeting approach for you to attract the traffic you need.

This technology is, in fact, where geo advertising and marketing takes into account users’ geographical location with a restriction to a particular country, region, district and so on.

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Cross device targeting guide

During the day time users shift from one device to another. It means that you may texting to your friend on Facebook from your work laptop and continue your talk from smartphone at lunchtime. Advertisers have faced certain difficulty as now they should think how to organize cross device identification and deliver information about products and services.


Cross device targeting is rather challenging business and there are two approaches designed to tackle the problem.

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Monetize definition

Merriam-Webster explains the issue as process of converting something into money.


Economics is almost solidary with such an idea, saying that it the process not only of converting into something financial, but something that can be counted or estimated.


When we talk about online ecosystem it is more than just possible. Websites, blogs, apps and all that stuff can and should bring money to its owners. Making a post is not so simple as it may seem, as turning thoughts in right order will require some time.

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How does ad exchange company work?

Changes are just breaking into digital marketing and we can hear more and more that companies apply to ad exchanges for advertising campaigns. It is high time to see what it means and how it can be used.

What it is all about?

When online advertising was just starting its business on the Internet Advertisers used to buy impressions at the ad networks. The business was quite expensive, included human factor and, thus, was sometimes not very accurate and could include frauds.

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Pre Roll Advertising Network

What is pre roll advertisement?

In contrast to pop-up windows and numerous banners that has already become rather boring for the Internet audience, the Pre-roll - the promotional video before the main online video - is still perceived by many quite adequately and that is why it gives good results. There are several varieties of this format for promoting a product or a service, and each of them has its own advantages.

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Technological Advertising

Technology of advertising is always developed. The Internet has become a fully functional technological advertising with its specific features that can compete with offline types of ads, but at the same time not requiring large financial expenditures. Unfortunately for users, advertising tech is constantly being improved. Sometimes it seems that advertising is everywhere and the only untouched places are our minds. And this is just the beginning.
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What is an Ad Exchange?

Today we will talk about advertising exchanges, what for network exchanges are created, how to use them and why they are profitable.

What is this - an ad exchange?

So, an advertising exchange is a special platform (website) that brings together those who want to place their ads in a particular social network.

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Different types of media

Nowadays we are surrounded and sometimes overwhelmed with information. It comes to us in different ways: from mobile screens, TV, hard copies and others. The discussion of different types of media may arise several issues on defining the classifications, but the most common are as follows.


Its business has started more than sixty years ago. Today’s millennials will certainly remember the times when they had to run home to watch a favourite cartoon or movie.
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Advanced Design System

Advanced Design System(ADS) by Keysight Technologies is one of leading computer-aideddesigning (CAD) systems for electronic devices.

CAD ADS softwarehelps to study interaction of High Frequency and Microwave componentsand schemes, including solid integrating circuits (IC), modules andprinted circuits. The processes of complex development for IC,frames, circuit cards have been greatly improved with the help ofKeysight’s achievements. Now it becomes possible to design not onlyintegrating or printed circuits in one design environment, butcombine different modules on one platform.
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