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Technological Advertising

Technology of advertising is always developed. The Internet has become a fully functional technological advertising with its specific features that can compete with offline types of ads, but at the same time not requiring large financial expenditures. Unfortunately for users, advertising tech is constantly being improved. Sometimes it seems that advertising is everywhere and the only untouched places are our minds. And this is just the beginning.

6 technology adverts of the future

A study showed that only 1 out of 10 people would trust an advertising banner, but 7 out of 10 would trust video reviews of other users. This is how a new model of advertising is born - an incredibly effective and free. But technology of advertising does not stay still and new forms appear all the time. For example:
  • Designed melodies. Surely you are familiar with the situation when a song tightly stuck in your head. The American Psychological Association has recently shown material on obsessive melodies - as it turned out, they have common features such as rhythm and repetition. Such tech ads can make you think of advertised painkillers or chocolate over and over again.
  • "Smart devices". The Chinese company “Hisense” has recently presented its software for a "smart home". Among other things, it showed the possibility of gentle advertising tech on devices. For example, a washing machine may notice that you have run out of powder and offer to order some of the same brand that you used before, or others. A smart fridge will offer to buy food of advertised brands.
  • One more tech advertising is communication with vehicles. In 2013, Magellan released Smart GPS, gives the driver information on its current location. It also suggests where to eat, to relax or stay overnight. Many of these suggestions are supplemented by information about discounts or special offers.
  • Interactive shops. Most US retail stores are losing money due to the increasing popularity of online sales. Therefore, some manufacturers, such as Samsung, have begun to use the place in the store only as an exhibition, where one can see products, and then order them online on the spot.
  • Augmented Reality. Those who did not hear about this term a year ago now almost certainly know it on the example of Pokemon Go. Augmented reality allows using electronic devices to impose digital elements on the real world. There are also special tech ad displays on which you can point a smartphone to find out information about the product. They appear not only in stores, but also at bus stops, as well as street billboards.
  • Computer generated advertisements. The Japanese agency McCann has recently caused a heat discussion when it gave up the position of a creative director to a robot. AI had to develop an advert for mint candies. The same task was simultaneously assigned to a man. Both ads were voted and the man won - but only with a score of 54% against 46. In the future, perhaps the result will be the opposite.
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