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Pre Roll Advertising Network

What is pre roll advertisement?

In contrast to pop-up windows and numerous banners that has already become rather boring for the Internet audience, the Pre-roll - the promotional video before the main online video - is still perceived by many quite adequately and that is why it gives good results. There are several varieties of this format for promoting a product or a service, and each of them has its own advantages.

Five advantages of pre-roll video ad networks

  • Guaranteed viewing. An advertiser does not pay for broadcasting if a user has not watched the content to the end, and the fact of viewing and its termination is recorded.
  • High rates of click-ability.
  • Memorability, since the video is broadcast only once, and not one after another, as, for example, on television.
  • Complete statistics. Advertisers can control the number of views, real audience, link followings, etc.
  • Affordability for advertisers. For example, with a budget of 800 dollars one can count on 50 thousand hits.

The results of a recent study showed that commercials are more suitable for online video clips with a duration of not 15, but 30 seconds. They lead to an increase in brand relevance by 30%.

What is the secret of the effectiveness of the Pre-roll ad format?

On the most popular Internet sites, such as Google, YouTube, videos of this format are broadcast not on a selective basis, but on the basis of targeting. Services use special filters to select the most suitable target audience for a specific video. Users are filtered by region, gender, age, display time, and other criteria. This allows one to increase the amount of targeted traffic and save the budget.

Depending on the service, Pre-roll ads can be configured for different filters. For example, in the leading search engines, robots are guided by requests that were carried out from a computer under a certain IP. YouTube uses the principle of geo-targeting that is applied precisely to the district and even residents of a particular house. If it is necessary, retargeting also can be used to return leads that have left the advertised resource.

There is a list of most effective pre-roll video ad networks:

  1. Google AdSense for YouTube;
  2. Chocolate;
  3. Google ADX;
  4. VDO.AI;
  5. Propeller Ads;
  6. UnderTone Ad Network;
  7. Bright Roll;
  9. Matomy;
  10. AOL;
  11. Spotxchange;
  12. AdMedia and many others.

Five more actual forms of pre-roll ad clips

  • clip with a banner;
  • video Selector with banner;
  • Interactive Pre-roll;
  • Mobile-AppPre-roll;
  • Social Media: Click to Play.

One more reason to consider Pre-Roll Advertisement

Experts say that pre-roll ad videos can also influence brand relevance: if a user had treated it positively and liked the video they watched, the relevance increases by 61%. With a neutral attitude - by 21%. This is also a good enough reason to pay attention to this way of promotion.

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