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Cross device targeting guide

During the day time users shift from one device to another. It means that you may texting to your friend on Facebook from your work laptop and continue your talk from smartphone at lunchtime. Advertisers have faced certain difficulty as now they should think how to organize cross device identification and deliver information about products and services.


Cross device targeting is rather challenging business and there are two approaches designed to tackle the problem.

Deterministic and Probabilistic methods

Unique credentials like login or e-mail are based on the first approach. Such data can belong to one person only, thus, it becomes easier to understand that we have the same user. However, the performance of the method is quite difficult and, in fact, is available to giant companies like Google or Facebook.


The other model may seem a bit guessed like as it takes into account some impersonal information: IP, location, information about visits. All that stuff helps to understand that it is likely to be the same user that has dropped from a laptop several minutes ago. Cross device matching is developed on the ground of the devices that are regularly detected at one and the same place, after the model is educated and improved for further work. However, the information here can be a bit incorrect due to several restrictions for various mobile devices and IP addresses can be wrong as well if we talk about family members.

Why companies are interested in cross device targeting?

Main idea is to deliver to a potential client that set of personalized messages he is already accustomed or responses positively no matter what type of the device he is using at the moment. This slim tether can’t be torn at any case.


Of course, there will be some difference in messaging if we compare the ads on mobile devices and personal computers. It happens because the system analyzes your mobile behaviour and preferences and shows you the information for you to feel even more comfortable and get really relevant data.


At the moment the approach of cross device targeting is constantly developed and improved. Marketers have appreciated the idea a lot, but information gathering should be organized in such a way to protect users’ personal information. Specialists have really interesting puzzle to solve and implement technical innovations with an eye of other spheres in digital and offline spheres.

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