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What Is Geotargeting?

When you work on your website it seems that you can control a lot if not everything: texts, videos, images and all that stuff. But you cannot regulate the people coming to you. The situation becomes even more complicated if your domain area is like “.com”, “.net” or “.org” as controlling who becomes to your website is a challenge and marketers have created geo targeting approach for you to attract the traffic you need.


This technology is, in fact, where geo advertising and marketing takes into account users’ geographical location with a restriction to a particular country, region, district and so on.


Special geo targeting software works that way that ads designed for New York citizens will be shown to the people living in the Big Apple only. Such mechanism of advertising delivery according to users’ location makes it possible to cover only that part of audience that is more likely to perform a desirable action (follow a link, make an order etc).

Why use geo digital marketing?

Its main aim is to increase response and effectivity of advertising due to focus on mostly interested audience.


The technique is supposed to define a region by IP and, thus, to restrict the audience for advertising a nearly as possible and focus efforts on a selected group.


Main areas of application are banner and contextual advertising.


Geo targeting can be used not only for attracting audience in your region, but if you are interested in cooperation with other states or cities, all you need is to mark for which locations you want your ads being posted.


Companies involved in consulting, real estate or logistics widely use this technique to attract rich clients from all over the world. Target audience in this case is shown contact information of the company and desirable services or products that can be ordered relatively near or on the Internet.

What we have in a result?

Geo targeting implementation leads to lowering costs on marketing activities and getting maximum effect from them, expressed in increasing in customers. Great advantage here is that the approach can be used not only in search systems, but banners and social media networks. The best results can be gained if the technique is combined with other targeting approaches like social, topical and others.

Final thoughts

Websites with geographical orientation can enjoy the best results of adopting this technique. Users are more loyal to the website when see a reference to the location.


Choice of particular district will help you to get rid of unnecessary competitors: local businesses will stop useless struggle with big-cities corporations and finally work with their clients where they actually are.

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