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Most popular marketing strategies

Marketing seems to be the simplest but at the same the most cunning science for online businesses. The costs can rise up to six-figure sums. But spending a lot doesn’t mean spending effectively. Some marketing strategies may not suit for small companies or, vice versa, be poor performing for business sharks.


In our collection we have 10 marketing strategies that can be easily implemented into businesses of different types. It doesn’t mean that you should use them all, at least you may not have time to track their effectivity or progress at all. Anyway, you will be equipped with different variant to think what will fit your company, its style, goals and tradition most or how to convert any of the option to your needs.

Jungle Radio marketing

It is the oldest and, in some sense, free way of marketing strategy. People are ready to share their positive experience about products or services with their friends and relatives. Posts and stories from your clients on Instagram or Facebook can be of great help.

Social Media marketing

Twitter or Facebook were initially designed for chatting and liking photos, but now it is a huge ecosystem where you can become closer to your customers and collect their ideas about your products, ask questions, get pieces of advice and so on. It can be said that people google the company they are interested in social networks and you risk a lot, if you are not here where the party is going.

Seasonal Marketing

Stable producing of goods in the same style and design is a good sign, but adult people like children at Christmas: they do pay attention to seasonal changes or global celebrations like St. Valentines Day or Easter. Offer seasonal package that will help to see your brand from some new side.

Email marketing

Certainly, it is as old as the Internet itself. There are those who are very suspicious about its results nowadays, but, guys, it is still effective. Right letters making is some kind of an art as it requires individual treatment of each customer according to his experience and needs, but it is the case when you don’t have to invent something unique, but earn money.

Offline marketing

Companies still use offline methods to attract their clients attention as whether we like it or not, but ad blindness is the same ordinary skill as breathing nowadays. Besides, you can offer ways of tasting your product immediately (that is impossible in web area), it can be a vending machine, samples hanging out, kiosk with products and so on.

Tradeshows Marketing

Customers are very reluctant to buy expensive and complicated devices without testing them. It is normal practice to have a test-drive before purchasing. Such fairs generally attract big scopes of customers and it is a great chance for the companies give it the big i am.

Content Marketing

Buyers catch their treatment of wallet on legs and try to escape such companies. Write interesting posts about your product, about the problems they solve. Interesting and instructive articles attract users and encourage future cooperation.

Search Marketing

It is a sign of good manners nowadays to google your problem before bothering your friends. Paid search results helps you to attract attention to your company as it will be posted on the first position in the list. If your snippet contains necessary information or resonating phrase, it can be said that you have won the battle as there is a very small amount of those who will search 5th or 7th pages. People prefer their problems being solved as quick as possible.

Mobile Marketing

Modern life is impossible with gadgets that have stopped only means of immediate contacting another person. It is a small personalized computer in fact, with a calling function. Thus, marketers should use this opportunity to get in touch with each client individually and make such offers that will certainly resonate with customers’ needs and wishes.

Referral Marketing

By implementing this technique, you encourage your already existing clients attract new ones. Of course, they are not ready to do it for free: you can offer a discount coupon for each new client after posting an order or giving some amount for next order etc.


Write us you feel not so sure which type of marketing will be the most effective for your company and how to gain the best results from it. Our expert team has a piece of advice for a business of any type.

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