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Then and now

Appeals to marketers to become mobile started appearing more than 5 years ago. All copybook maxims are more than just important nowadays, as mobile devices are not tools to get in touch with your mom or best friend, but a way to offer individual scope of advertisements and various marketing message directly to each person.


Last year survey showed that more than three quarters of American citizens owe a mobile device. The point is that there amount is growing, as people start giving phones to their children in the kindergarten. Babies and toddlers ask their parents to give the gadgets to watch videos and play games. Obviously, as world population is growing, we have growing of mobile traffic as well.

Yesterday we could only call, but now we can run our business from a smartphone

Technical progress has turned our mobiles from a means of communication into an entertaining, helpful and inevitable device. When the Internet was just in the making, we were hurrying to our homes to read latest news or order some goods. But now we don’t have such a necessity, the mobiles are easily transportable and we can text our friends, order house cleaning or buy in online-shop just on our way from work. In the same way, information that companies and advertisers of all sort can send all the time, while people just live their life and involved in some online activity.


Users have confessed that poor mobile version of a website can be a reason not to place an order in some cases, as it makes them to spend extra time for simple things like ordering a pizza.


One more real advantage of mobile devices is that they are shared in very recent cases. It means, that the traffic marketers get there, is absolutely pure and we have a chance to get in touch exactly with the target audience.


Google reported that even in far 2015 the number of mobile searches was ten times higher than from desktop computers. Thus, CTR on mobile devices is also higher as you can show your offers to that users who are nearer your place or were searching for similar products.


Now having mobile strategy is not a challenge, but a daily must. Interaction with clients cannot now be done through one channel only, but to make friends at all possible places where your audience spent time. The only thing is that mobile marketing is not a one-time action, but a regular activity for any short or long time campaigns.

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