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What are the roles of Advertiser and Publisher in marketing?

When start thinking about monetizing your app or website, you are certainly to see the figures of an Advertiser and a Publisher. Now it is high time to clear up the mess and say who is who in the game.

What are the roles of Advertiser and Publisher in marketing?

Actually, everything is very simple here.


Companies, individual representatives, business owners want to sell and promote their products. They prepare all the materials for them to help in this activity. They are Advertisers.


This party may and should post ads on their own resources, but it is not enough. How should a person know about your existence if there’s nothing around telling about you.


Logically, the party above need someone for help. Second participant is a Publisher, that includes website, blog, application owners and any party of that kind. They post Advertisers’ ads and get money on pre-arranged conditions.


Thus, two birds are killed with one stone: Advertisers have their products promoted and Publishers get some money for unused space on their websites. Those, who run websites for pleasure get an opportunity to make some money from their hobby. The idea of passive income is more than just possible. Anyway, if you want to have big and quality audience who likes what you do, you will spend some time for content marketing and SEO and, as a side effect, you will get some money.

Is there a free alternative to Publisher?

Actually, it is not all that simple as there are no such thing as free lunch. But there are ways to whittle down the expenses.


  • Create your group in social media and make interesting posts for participants there to share them.
  • Write about you in yellow pages. These huge books are nowadays available in online format as well and presence there gives you more chances for mentioning by search systems.
  • Refresh your content. Make little investigation to see related keywords in the demand and add them to your texts.
  • Contact your “colleagues” from the field with offer to publish your ad, but it is very likely that they will ask you about the same service.
  • Make leaflets and hand out them at related events.


There are even more options you can implement, but at least you can start with these ones. When you look round and be well-connected, you may find some more ways applicable to your business and specificity of business handling in your country.


Advertiser and Publisher are essential figures in advertising marketing. One cannot exist without the other. There are also some more business figures in the area, but now you can be absolutely confident with the questions like whether you are a direct Advertiser or something like this.

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