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How to to retain customers

If you have a chance to ask any business owner, he or she will tell you how attracting of new clients is and that retaining of existing customers is cheaper and simpler.

To see why it is so, let’s see one customer retention example.

A company ABC has 100 clients per month and retain only 80 customers from the list. While their competitor DEF retain 90 clients with the same amount of customers. In the here and now the situation doesn’t seem so dramatically different for both companies. But in the long run, like 8-9 years, it may turn out that DEF will double its client base, while ABC will even lose a third part of the buyers.

Why companies invest into retaining?

The logic is simple: after first successful experience you are more likely to come to the same shop and purchase their again, rather than to unknown marketplace.


Additional loyalty encourages current customers to spend more. They feel more relaxed and, thus, are less worried about their spendings.

Customer retention strategies

Let’s have a look how we can save money to attract those who have already purchased once. You may get surprised, but it is not so expensive as it could seem.

Thank your clients for purchasing

There are many variants you can do it. If it is a local shop, you can smile and say “Thank’s for purchasing” and add a leaflet with your products or a coupon for next visit.


If you work in online shop, you can add the same leaflet to the package. One more variant is to write a letter with the same message and encourage next cooperation by giving a small gift in next order for particular sum.

Ask your clients how they feel after purchasing from you

Primarily, it shows that you are indifferent to your business and the people you sell. Sometimes, the feedbacks may be not so positive as you would like to have, but you get a credit by showing that you seek ways to make the processes better.

Stay in touch with your clients

To remember you, people should know what happens in your brand’s life. So, tell about new products you have, offer discount with a secret code for new items. invite people to the related meetings and so on.

Show specific attitude to each client

Send a postcard for a birthday or important dates in your location. Also, you can help your clients with their businesses or campaigns. For example, if you know that one of your customers is involved into charity - mention it in your newsletter and help with leaflets or, at least, make some posts on Twitter or any other social networks with this information.


Implementing these techniques, you show that you are interested not only in financial side of your interaction, but being friends and partners for further times.


Have you tried anything from the list already? Share with us your experience.

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