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Different types of marketing platforms

When we talk about types of marketing platforms, they are generally divided into 2 big groups:


  • online;
  • offline.


The latter one represents such places like radio, TV, billboard, leaflets and so on.


While a second one is relatively young as appeared with the Internet invention, however it has grown up a lot and includes several categories. Let’s have a look what their peculiarities are and how we can use them effectively.

Desktop or mobile advertising platform

The definition here will be almost the same. Key difference is about where you get your audience and where you show your offers. Obviously, if you owe a smartphone game, that you will need solutions for mobile area. If we talk about big applications, like Trello or Viber, they will need to cover both directions.

Display advertising

This platform is popular and known to everyone who can be far from the area. All the ads we see in the Internet, they are mostly displays, as they are designed for visual reaction of the audience. Here marketers use eye-catching images, videos, banners and all that stuff.

Content marketing

Content is the king - it was said long ago, but the tendency is still actual. The idea of this category is to create interesting, useful and valuable content to your audience. It is not about constant selling, but being helpful to your clients.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To say it simply, the professionals in the area put efforts for the website to gain traffic from free search results. Keywords in the texts are actively used here to be mentioned by search engines.


Note: both approaches above are not a one time action, this activity should be done all the time. It means that interesting posts should be regularly written, the texts should be optimized according to algorithms requirements, refreshed, replaced or hidden, if necessary.

Affiliate marketing

This platform was designed for those, who have no products, but are ready to offer space and time for promoting other people’s or company’s products. After each sale the person earns some commission.

Email marketing

It is probably the oldest advertising platform in online ecosystem. Some marketers are very skeptical about it, however it does bring the results. It is cheap and very effective if using with personal approach to each client.

Social media

Here companies can get feedbacks from their clients, organize opinion polls and many more. Main advantage of places like Facebook that companies can get the audience they are really interested in: location, age, gender and so on.

Paid search results

Any time you google a nice restaurant or a shop with office supplies, you are very likely to see at the top of the results some offers with a small mark “ads”. This platform is very popular, but if you sell too common things, dealing with it may become a real gap in your budget. Its main advantage is in quick audience attraction, but the party will be over exactly at the moment your money is finished.


The categories we discussed don’t make the whole list, but they are the most essential every newcomer should know. Each of them offers this or that pros and cons, but one important point here is that there is limitation in using them: you know and should implement several types to get maximum results.

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