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Traffic sources: what are traffic sources? Help you move beyond Google

All the websites owners are aimed at attracting as much traffic as possible. There are various sources of it depending on the type of resource. If you want to know, where your traffic comes from, it is required to use Web Analytics. Thus, you can find out not just the ways of traffic attraction but also the most influential sources of it.

Metrics of the traffic sources

If you use special analytical programs, you can obtain the following types of data:


  1. Direct traffic. Direct traffic is defined as visitors who open your site by writing your URL or opening it from a bookmark.


  2. Referring URLs. This type of traffic contains the one sent by the other web resources to yours. It might happen if you use various types of advertising, for instance, banner adverts, affiliate links, blog adverts, etc.


  3. Search engines. From this category, both organic and paid traffic comes. The sources include Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.


  4. Other sources. Here we can speak about email marketing, advertising campaigns running, direct marketing, and other methods of promotion.



The information presented in such programs also includes:


  • type of traffic


  • traffic engagement stats (including bounce rate, time spent on the website, views of the page per session)


  • e-commerce stats (such as conversion rates, an average profit from every user, etc.).


Google Analytics traffic sources for a specific page

With the help of special programs such as Google Analytics, it is possible to get a full report. There are different functions it might fulfill including the following:


  • to show, which landing pages bring the greatest traffic (you can see a medium or a source)


  • to estimate a profit per each session (either by medium or source)


  • to define what amount of traffic refers to mobile, PC, iPhone, etc. (the number of search visitors for each category is shown).


Ways to attract more traffic

Along with Google, there exist plenty of ways to attract traffic to your website. Consider the most effective of them:


  1. Comments on high-traffic sites. It is important to select exactly your category and write only quality comments. One of the effective solutions is blog comments. Note that only one contextual back link from an authoritative site will outrank a dozen of good comments. However, do not leave writing comments at all because they are a great way to show your expertise. Consider the advantages of comments:


    - more information about the other bloggers in your niche


    - the possibility to reach the bloggers in your niche


    - a chance to show understanding of the topic and your knowledge


    - new ideas for your own blog


    - a chance to attract new readers to your blog.


  2. Emails capturing. It is especially important for the visitors, who view the site for the first time. The email will allow increasing engagement and building communication with the users. Using email campaigns, you can attract more traffic following certain steps:


    - create a lead magnet


    - set up lead capturing tools


    - onboard the new subscribers.


  3. Quality guest posts. Select other blogs to write in them. Remember that such referral traffic is a great way to develop your site.


  4. Interviews. It is advisable to either speak to an influencer connected with your niche or to be interviewed by a site with high traffic. Such a method is very engaging. It is possible to use audio or video. Moreover, the influencers can share an interview with their followers making your site even more popular.


  5. FB ads investment. You might be negative concerning the investments in banner and other types of adverts. However, it is necessary to understand that if you have few followers on FB, it will be very hard to achieve good results and attract more traffic. With at least $20 of investment, you can make the interaction with your audience much better.


Do not forget monitoring your traffic and analyzing its sources in order to achieve good results.

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