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Different types of advertising methods and media

Advertising is a complex of methods, which are used for the promotion of various products and services. Each of them uses its own way to send a message to the customers. In this article, we will observe the key types of methods and business examples.

Advertising methods

There are traditional and new ways to advertise a brand. Consider the main kinds of advertising methods:

1. Online advertising

All the possible types of adverts you can see on the Internet (on the websites, in social networks, on native advertising platforms, etc.) belong to this category. Here, marketers use text, image, video, and many other types of content to reach their audience and send a message. There exist many platforms for the realization of online advertising:


  • Google AdSense/AdWords: these are the most popular resources for experienced advertisers and beginners. Using the AdWords platform, advertisers can bid on the offers of advert placement on the page with search engine results. The application of keywords makes such adverts appear in the searches related to a brand/business. As for AdSense, it allows hosting adverts on the websites to generate revenue. By means of special algorithms, the system can match the advert to different sites with similar content/search specs.


  • LinkedIn. The majority of companies have their profiles on this social network for business. It is possible to post various content to attract the attention of potential partners and customers. You can add pictures, texts, videos in order to reach thousands of users. It is often used as an addition to the website, thus, increasing traffic. Each member of a company’s staff can do the same to promote a brand on a more advanced level. There are many other social networks, which are widely used by marketers for reaching their target audience and attracting more clients (for instance, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).


For the location of online adverts, ad exchanges are widely used. You can use sponsored content, paid search ads, display adverts, native adverts, etc.

2. Mobile advertising

With the growing popularity of portable devices, mobile advertising is a must-have for any marketer. It contains the adverts, which appear on e-books, iPads, cell phones, tablets, and other devices. Marketers prefer using social networks for the realization of mobile advertising. Among the most popular platforms for such type of advertising, we can mention:


  • Instagram


  • Twitter


  • Facebook


  • Snapchat, etc.


It is a nice way to draw attention and attract new customers.

3. Print advertising

Along with the wide application of various means of digital advertising, traditional methods of promotion still exist. There are many effective ways to reach a customer:


  • periodicals


  • direct mail


  • flyers, brochures, leaflets, etc.

4. Broadcast advertising

This category contains TV and radio adverts. They used to be the most widespread ways to reach customers. Today they are also used as one of the efficient methods of advertising.

5. Outdoor advertising

It is a very effective strategy to reach customers when they are out of their homes. It is possible to use billboards, posters, and other visuals to advertise your brand. With a large amount of such advertising, it is vital to make something creative to attract the attention of the clients.

6. Product placement advertising

This method is widely used by large and well-known brands. It presupposes the indirect promotion of a brand using movies or shows. For instance, people may use gadgets of a certain brand or drink the water of a definite producer. As a result, people may start liking it or even using the product unconsciously.


There exist many other ways of communication with your customers. For the effective promotion of any brand, it is recommended to add all or at least several of those methods in your marketing strategy. The choice of methods depends on the type of product or service you offer, your target audience (age, gender, education, social status, etc.), and your budget.

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