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Top 20 social media post ideas

Social media is a powerful channel of communication with the audience, which is used by modern marketers. Various networks are applied by different users from various parts of the world. They have different interests, age, income, browsing behavior, and other features. Thus, any kind of brand can reach the target audience via one or several social networks with the help of interesting posts and other types of content.

The types of social media content

Consider the most effective types of advertising content, which you may use for marketing ideas generation:


  • User-generated content. It is a very powerful type of content, with the help of which it is possible not just to reach a target audience but also to increase the engagement of your customers. As a result, the customers will feel your participation and understand that you care about them. Special advertising company can be created to get the content from the users. It might be photos, posts on a definite social network, video materials or any other possible things, which they can share with you and other users.


  • Podcasts. By means of podcasts, you can get more listeners because people still listen to the radio today. The podcasts might be used online. It is possible to share them on social networks (such as FB). Another way to promote podcasts is the creation of a static video with the audio added.


  • Live streaming. Today this option is a must because people adore such content. It looks natural and is always amazing to view. For instance, FB can be applied as a lead generating machine. Every marketer should use such an option to promote a brand. In Live stream, you can ask the users to fulfill a certain action and they are likely to execute it.


  • Infographics. The majority of Internet users adore such content. It is very informative for them. Besides, being eye-catching, infographics become a wonderful method of promotion. The content can guarantee the users’ engagement and higher rates of sharing.


  • Webinars. It is a good way to provide users with high-quality content, which might be interesting and educative for them. Moreover, it is possible to share such things on social networks. Thus, it is possible to additionally collect emails and other details about your target audience. You can upload a webinar on YouTube, FB or other networks.


  • Guides. It is another variation of useful and educative content. It is possible to create a guide connected with your brand category, application of your product, etc. Add the content on a social network to attract the users’ attention.


Top examples of social media posts

Let’s observe successful ideas for the promotion on social media networks:


  1. Blog posts (it’s an interesting idea to create a blog for your company for the publication of interesting materials related to the industry)


  2. Posts describing the company’s culture (it might be a picture demonstrating the concept of your brand)


  3. Question posts (thus, you can increase the engagement)


  4. Videos (they provide a better organic reach)


  5. Tips (select the most important tips to give short advice on the issue)


  6. GIFs/memes (they can add some fun to the advert)


  7. Contests (such a method increases engagement and interest)


  8. Photos from the events (take real photos of your staff and organized events to become closer to the audience)


  9. Interviews with the leaders of the industry (it might be also used for cross promotion)


  10. Event of the day (try to find something interesting about the events of the day, which happened in the past, and write a post)


  11. Event promotion (plan an event and promote it on FB)


  12. Email sign-ups promotion (offer to register for a webinar or to watch a demo of it)


  13. Inspirational quotes (for instance, use the words of the industry leaders)


  14. Accomplishments (share your victories and other successful things connected with your brand)


  15. Ask for feedback


  16. Product reviews (better with photos/videos)


  17. Visual representation of a product (for example, a test-drive)


  18. An advert campaign asking to share photos with your hashtag


  19. The history of your brand


  20. News announcements (about your company).


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