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10 examples of native ads

Advertising is a complex process of reaching and attracting a target audience. All the marketers are aimed at making their adverts interesting and non-aggressive. The best choice, in this case, is the application of native advertising. Consider its notion and successful examples described in the article.

What is native advertising?

Native advertising refers to the paid advert content, which looks similar to the surroundings. Thus, such adverts are not disturbing the experience of the readers on a definite website, print media or social network. Native advertising materials also match the function/feel of the format, in which they appear. In other words, they have the same style and tone. Besides, the information provided is usually connected with the content of a webpage, so the visitors expect to see it.


There exist lots of platforms for the placement of such averts, for instance, Facebook native ads or Google native advertising. Native advertising is also widely used in traditional media. The materials described do not really look like common adverts compared to display ads or banners. The readers often see them as an integral part of the editorial flow of certain content. Non-aggressiveness is a key feature and the main advantage of native adverts.


There are various forms of native adverts:


  • videos


  • articles


  • infographics, etc.

Pros and cons of native ads

Many marketers consider native advertising a controversial thing. Such adverts provide very high click-through rates, which is why they are adored by marketers. Besides, they guarantee higher engagement of the readers. However, some marketers use such adverts in inappropriate ways. That’s why the Federal Trade Commission created certain regulations for the application of this type of advertising. They monitor its application in order to make sure it is used in a manner that benefits consumers.


Such content can also erode the trust of the public. For instance, if any newspaper has a right to publish a story by any brand, there is a question: ‘Is it possible to report on any issue connected with that brand for money?’


Besides, there are statistical data, which demonstrate that:


  • almost 50% of people are not familiar with native adverts


  • over 50% of consumers are skeptical about native adverts


  • almost 100% of publishers already have or plan to launch such an advertising campaign.


Native type of advertising is strongly connected with content marketing. However, the latest presupposes that the brand is the publisher itself. Thus, native advertising is a certain type of paid content, which is placed on other websites or social networks in order to attract customers (traffic) to the content created as a part of a content marketing strategy.

Top examples of native adverts application

Consider several examples of native adverts application for the attraction of consumers:


  1. Print media


  2. Online adverts (use sponsored content for Facebook native advertising)


  3. Online video (which may contain a call to action)


  4. Single-sponsor issue (one advertiser is a sponsor of the whole edition of a magazine)


  5. Branded content (the content for publishers is created by a brand)


  6. Product placement (it is the situation when the products of a certain brand are displayed in the movie or show becoming a natural part of it)


  7. In-feed adverts (it refers to the recommended content, which is usually placed under the category of ‘Content from the Web’)


  8. Sponsored posts (the content can describe advantages, various means of product application, types of products, useful tips or any other interesting issues)


  9. Promoted tweets (it is a basic advertising option offered on Twitter, it could help promote your posts to the right audience)


  10. Text adverts on Google (it is also known as search listings, which can be found on Bing and other search engines as well).


It is vital to know how to create a native advert, which will provide you with high conversion rates. Remember that the key aim of native advertising is to make the content beneficial for the readers/viewers.

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