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How to find publisher on website

Have you ever wondered how many babies are born daily? It seems that the numbers of websites appearing on the Internet is approximately the same. Some websites have really interesting and useful information that people are eager to get in touch with a website publisher. Information in “Contact us” may often not to be of great use, some authors prefer to stay unknown. But there is always a way out and in this article we are going to disclose this secret.

1. I will tell all your secrets by your DNS

Process of website registration requires some personal data, like name and surname. A simple, but a useful tool whois will help to reveal this staff. The service is quite simple in use, only a domain name is needed.

2. Look through the details

As we said above, a page with contact information may not contain this data. Vice versa, people are expected to leave their emails or phone numbers and wait a response. However, some websites have “Terms and Conditions” page. It may take some time and attention, but there may be something interesting for you.

3. A methods for the experienced

Those who are good at SEO certainly know about backlinks. The method is not well-known and not so widely used. Nowadays there are several services that allow to find publishers of website online for free for some trial periods. One of the most famous is this one.

4. Don’t hesitate to google

Yes, that’s right. Our good old-fashioned Google can say a lot. Each self-respecting company has a department involved in promotion, PR and all these issues, so press releases, articles and other posts can be quite informative. Just type “companyname press releases” and enjoy results.

5. Don’t forget about Social medias

Everything is very simple here. In search bar you should type a name of the company you are searching for. Find an administrator in the group you need. In the profile detail you may check whether your guesses are correct. And Presto!


Do you have your own secrets how to find a publisher of a website? Write us to share.

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