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Advanced Design System

Advanced Design System (ADS) by Keysight Technologies is one of leading computer-aideddesigning (CAD) systems for electronic devices.

CAD ADS software helps to study interaction of High Frequency and Microwave components and schemes, including solid integrating circuits (IC), modules and printed circuits. The processes of complex development for IC, frames, circuit cards have been greatly improved with the help of Keysight’s achievements. Now it becomes possible to design not only integrating or printed circuits in one design environment, but combine different modules on one platform.


ADS software is notjust a set of technologies of sheet-oriented and electromagnetic modeling, but it is a perfect tool to take measurements using X-parameters that are necessary for nonlinear system modelling. 

ADS includes programming technology on S-parameters.

Download ADS software to implement: 

  • convolution method;
  • harmonic balance method;
  • high-frequency SPICE;
  • electromagnetic modelling of high-rate channels.

Now one cam modeland design integrated circuits using several technologies. It meansthat a couple of circuits will be combined in one whole system inprinted circuit.

Crucial performance capabilities:

Full-service environment sheet-oriented and electromagnetic modelling high frequency and microwave schemes and topologies;
Innovative simulators based on methods of finite elements (FEM) and moments(MOM).
Direct access to 2.5and 3D electromagnetic modeling techniques. 
Creation of scheme sand models using X-parameter and vector analyzer Keysight NVNA.
Newest libraries ofhigh frequency and microwave components and tools.

Advanced design system version of 2018 year is available on Keysight’s official website.шаблоны для dle 11.2