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Different types of media

Nowadays we are surrounded and sometimes overwhelmed with information. It comes to us in different ways: from mobile screens, TV, hard copies and others. The discussion of different types of media may arise several issues on defining the classifications, but the most common are as follows.


Its business has started more than sixty years ago. Today’s millennials will certainly remember the times when they had to run home to watch a favourite cartoon or movie. On holiday time families were often gathered near goggle-eyed gadget to catch a new blockbuster or a comedy. 

Things have changed in the 21st century and there is no need any more to wait for aparticular time to see the film or programm screened. Modern technologies make it possible to watch it from any desirable moment from our computers or smartphones.


Our parents and grandparents will eagerly tell us about newspapers and magazines of their youth and mature ages. However, this typeof media also includes books, graphic novels and comics. All paper periodicals may remind us ancient, or may be, James Bond’s times, when a gentleman used to start his morning with a “Daily Telegraph” or “The New York Times” and a cup of coffee. 

Is it too different now? Not so much, to be honest. Newspapers, glossy magazines and other staff are still available on the counters, but there is no great need to buy them - you can read all of them online.


Among all kinds of media this one can be named the oldest one. The story of its creation is not so clear, but it was said that Edison, Tesla, Hughes and some intelligent people had a hand in it in last decades of 19th century. In 1909 Americans could start enjoying first radio programms just for pleasure, however at that moment it was not highly popular. At the time of Great Depression radioreceiver has settled almost in all families, as people didn’t have spare cash for visiting clubs.

Now radio is still our companion in a car on a long road to home other city. However, there is slight difference. Nowadays we can listen online to any radio station: French, Chinese, Spanish and others. No matter how far you are, and the connection quality there is highly more better.


As all roads lead to Rome, all different types of media go to online world. It is a wonderful place where almost everything is located now: shops, video games, books, tv-shows, chats and much more options. It is a living and constantly developing body. Work on the Internet is also a common thing now, everything can be bought and delivered using Internet, so you don’t have to go out. But is it really so good?

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