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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

The policy we display on our website contains all the essential details concerning the cookies application on Brainclubs.com. Our company has a full right to use cookies as well as the other methods of improvement of our resource in order to provide the subscribers with the best experience. The cookies collected by Brainclubs allow us getting information about the users, their interests, and preferences in various spheres.

Continuing applying our resource, you automatically agree with the usage of cookies according to the rules presented in the policy. If you make a decision to stop the application of the cookies, then you’re required changing corresponding settings in the browser and leaving our resource.

1. General information about Cookies

Cookies are extremely small files, which are created of the letters and numbers. The place of their storage is a hard drive of a user’s personal computer. They can be also stored on the other devices applied by the subscribers to visit Brainclubs.com. The application of cookies is common for the majority of Internet sites. They allow not just improving the users’ experience but also support the work of the sites. Cookies collect analytical information as well.

There are a few variations of cookies, which are used by Brainclubs:

Obligatory. Such cookies are essential. They help maintain the functioning of the site. With the help of them, the subscribers can use the resource and the services rendered. The sensitive data are never collected by such cookie type. It means that accepting them, you have no risks of the identity disclosure. In the case, the users do not accept the obligatory cookies it might affect the functioning of the website and its elements.

Performance. The files under consideration help Brainclubs understand how the subscribers use the resource. Thus, we can observe the areas the users are interested in and how much time they spend on certain pages. By means of such cookies, we can also find out the errors and the other possible troubles with the site. It allows us improving the work of Brainclubs.com. Speaking about the cookies, which are responsible for the analytical data collection, they allow increasing the efficiency of the ads and optimizing the content of the site in order to make it more exciting for the visitors. Note that the disclosure of any personal data is impossible with such cookies. The information is secret.

Functionality. The cookies of such variation help recognize the visitors, who open the site again. It is also possible to remember how the subscribers log in and log out or how they use the site (their activity). When the users deactivate this kind of cookies it can lead to the worsening of the site functioning. As a result, the functions and access to the resource can become limited.

Targeting. Such cookies contain all the data about the activity of the users on Brainclubs.com and on the other websites. Thus, we can find out, which links you follow or the adverts you prefer. The files of such type help Brainclubs make the ads displayed on the site more relevant for the subscribers and send them the information that is more interesting by email. To reach our goal, we use the services of the managing platforms, informative sites, and other sides, which help us in the information collection. As soon as the user opens the web page with our product, we can find it out and then show the corresponding advert. We also have a right to share such cookie kind with the other parties in order to check the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

2. The information about the methods and purposes of the information collection

Brainclubs has several reasons for the collection of the data about the subscribers:

  • to find out the data concerning the visits to Brainclubs.com (the information might be shared with other sides)
  • to enhance the website by means of analyzing the information about the visits to certain web pages
  • to present the useful data to our clients
  • to provide the information in accordance with the users’ preferences
  • to process the orders of the subscribers

3. The time of the cookies storage

The storage period of the cookies may vary. The greatest part of the cookies variations gets deleted when the users close their browsers. Some of the cookies are not deleted after the end of the session. Such files are called permanent. The storage period for them is different and depends on the definite type of files. For instance, online adverts cookies are stored for up to a month. The application of such cookies has several reasons:

  • to understand how often the subscriber visits the site
  • to find out how the users apply the resource during a certain period
  • to estimate the effectiveness of the advertising.

4. Who bears the responsibility for the cookies placement on the users’ devices?

It is the administration of Brainclubs, who is accountable for the placement of all the cookie variations on the PC or the other devices of the subscribers. Such cookies are called first-party. There are also cookies, which the other parties can place. They are referred to as third-party.

Brainclubs together with the other parties can use cookies for the discovery of the information about the activity of the users and the ways they use the services. The data collected usually concern the following:

  • operation system of the device
  • the browser type and version
  • the source of the transactions
  • URL address
  • the route of the visits, etc.

The provisos concerning the Cookies allow Brainclubs make the experience of the website users much better providing them with more facilities. It is possible to understand how many subscribers use a certain service with the help of banners/links/pictures. There is one more goal for the cookies application. They collect the analytical data for our research concerning the site usage, which help us optimize our resource and show adverts in accordance with every user’s preferences.

5. How do we use the ads on PCs and smartphones?

Brainclubs cooperates with other sides, such as service providers and others engaged in the advertising activity. The primary direction of Brainclubs is the work according to preferences of our clients showing them the most relevant adverts and content. The third-party cookies reach your computer when Brainclubs and other sides provide their services. Nevertheless, Brainclubs does not control the usage of the technologies by other sides. We are never accountable for their actions.

The ads, which are displayed for the subscribers on Brainclubs.com and the other Internet sites, are selected in accordance with their activity, browsing history, geolocation, sites visited, emails responses, etc. We work together with different organizations, in the list of which there also might be self-regulatory associations. Cooperating with our partners, we are able to build the advertising campaign in accordance with the subscribers’ preferences. We can also show the adverts created by other sides on our website. It depends on the activity of the user and the pages he/she visits.

6. How is it possible to manage the cookies?

The preset settings of the most browsers accept cookies. However, users can easily change them by deactivating the option of cookies. As a result, they will be blocked. Besides, users can make certain settings for the browser to make them know when the sites want to send cookies on their device.

There are many ways of cookies management. For the detailed information, read an instruction for a definite browser.

Remember that when users disable cookies on the PC or another device, it can have an influence on the work of Brainclubs.com and work on the Internet as well. As a result, the information users receive will not be personalized anymore.

When deactivating cookies remember that it is necessary to do so in all browsers and gadgets used to visit brainclubs.com The thing is that each browser has its own settings.

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