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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Brainclubs.com is an Internet platform, where the advertising services are available for subscribers. The resource uses its own technologies in order to guarantee high-quality facilities. We promise customers the full access to all services offered for the display of adverts. If you are going to use the facilities we render, remember that Brainclubs has a right to use your anonymous personal information.

Brainclubs guarantees the absolute protection of the data received from subscribers. Our priority is the privacy of our clients. The information about the data application and secrecy is available in the presented policy. The details concern all kinds of information we have a right to collect as well as the protection issues and the goals of data usage. We also provide you with the Opt-out option details.

Brainclubs is an Internet platform, which works in accordance with the presented regulations.

1. Brainclubs

Brainclubs is obliged to provide subscribers with all details concerning the usage of their personal information, rules, and methods of its processing as well as types and amount of data we are entitled to collect. Brainclubs does not use the personal information of subscribers. It is only possible when the customer provides us with it himself or herself.

2. Information about subscribers

Every subscriber, who is planning to use our facilities, should accept the necessity of data collection. Brainclubs requires the following information from customers:

  • IP of the device applied to visit the site (PC/smartphone/tablet)
  • The provider of the Internet services
  • The version of the browser
  • The preferable language
  • The version of the operating system
  • The Internet resources visited
  • The advert clicks.

We need only statistical information, so Brainclubs never uses it in a wrong way.

3. Cookies information

Cookies are files, which the hard drive of the PC or the other device store. They are tiny and secure. By means of them, the Internet resources are able to understand, which browser you apply, and to remember definite information about the user. Thus, Brainclubs applies cookies in order to provide subscribers with personalized facilities. If a user accepts cookies, they are transferred to the hard drive automatically.

4. Why does Brainclubs need information about subscribers?

Every subscriber of our resource should understand the reasons, for which we collect information:

  • Improvement of the services
  • Personalization of adverts and messages
  • Statistical research.

5. Confidentiality of the users’ data

Brainclubs has no right and promises not to share any received information with other sides. The exception is the parties operating on behalf of Brainclubs and applying such data only to provide the facilities.

The other exception is the legislation purposes. In such cases, we have to give all the information required by law. However, the information stays anonymous and not user-personalized unless it is directly required by requirements of law or law enforcement bodies that request such information.

Brainclubs gives a guarantee that any details connected with your credit/debit cards or bank accounts will never be disclosed under any circumstances. Our Internet recourse uses only certified payment systems, which make your data protected. Thus, the security of transactions is undoubtful. We work according to the regulations of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

6. Opt-Out

If you make a decision to stop us from collecting your information, you can easily do it using the opt-out function. There won’t be any consequences after such a decision.

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