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Terms of Application

Terms of Application

With the help of Brainclubs.com, subscribers are able to communicate and interact with clients. The resource is created to make the cooperation easier. If a user visits our website, he or she gives a full consent to the regulations and conditions, which Brainclubs applies and which are presented on Brainclubs.com. Even if it is a trial usage of the resource, the acceptance of the terms is obligatory. Remember that starting applying our services, you give us consent with the regulations presented below. We ask the users to leave our site if they do not agree with the terms of application.

All the regulations, which are displayed on Brainclubs.com are connected with the usage of the site by subscribers and their clients. The administration of the resource has a right to change any rules, which the Terms contain, at any time without a prior notification. However, we guarantee that the corresponding information will be immediately posted on Brainclubs.com in a post-happening manner. It is the responsibility of subscribers to check the resource for such changes in the periodical basis if they want to specifically stay up to date. In any situation, if the users keep applying our facilities and services, they give us complete and transparent agreement with the terms and all the changes to them herein and hereinafter.

1. Profile registration

It is allowed registering on the site only for the users, who are over 18. The age required might be different and depend on the country of user’s residence and its regulations. It is possible to use the resource and the facilities we offer to clients only in the case they agree with and accept the terms and conditions and the legislation of their country or territory allows them to do it.

Remember that the subscriber is the one, who’s answerable for the usage of the profile created with us. It is required to follow the regulations and all the possible provisos displayed on Brainclubs.com and regulations stipulated by user’s local laws and restrictions.

When a user registers a profile, it is necessary to write down a real email. It is also required to create a strong password. It is forbidden to give any 3rd party addresses. Besides, the users are also responsible for the precision of the data they give. It is necessary for a user to preserve the anonymity of the information (such as password and personal data) from any third party. If you cannot preserve the anonymity, it leads to the breach of the regulations of Brainclubs.com. As a result, the administration of the site has a right to block the profile.

In the cases of non-legal usage of a profile, it is required to let Brainclubs be aware of it. The subscriber is accountable for the activity on his/her account even in the cases of unauthorized access. Brainclubs can stop the access to the profile or even block it at any time. Such decision can be caused by:

  • non-observance of the presented regulations
  • the absence of opportunity to verify the information about the subscriber
  • fraud/abuse or the other unlawful actions of the subscriber (which can lead to the damage or violation of the other user rights).

2. Statistics

When a user creates a profile, he/she agrees to receive our interactive reports, which are part of the Brainclubs reporting system. The administration of the site uses the common ways of measure and guidance of the traffic. The UK legislation regulates all the relations, which occur between the clients and Brainclubs.com.

3. The limitation of the access to Brainclubs:

The Brainclubs resource is created only for the purpose of advertising. We give the users a license, which is non-exclusive and non-transferrable but revocable. It is not allowed applying the services rendered for any other goals than advertising.

If the profile is terminated, the user will lose the access to Brainclubs.com. Such situation can occur in the cases when the subscriber breaks the rules presented. If we decide to block the profile, we won’t send any notification nor explain our actions to anybody.

The official owner of the site is Brainclubs. The administration is given additional rights for the management of the resource. There are certain provisos and restrictions, which every user must accept.

If you use the site, you give consent with the following information:

Brainclubs bears no responsibility for the errors, which might occur in the statistical reports. The data are updated a few times a day, so they are precise but still, any data cannot be used by the user without a written consent of administration, in any issues with any third parties.

If a subscriber wants to close/deactivate the profile, it is required to address to the Brainclubs administration.

It is strongly forbidden to break any statements of the Privacy policy of the other rules presented on the site to prevent your profile blockage.

It is forbidden to violate the regulation and laws, which our resource is ruled by (such as rules concerning financial operations, protection, racism, nationalism, discrimination, etc.) to prevent your profile blockage.

It is not allowed offering or displaying the materials/products/schemes, which are recognized as counterfeit. Subscribers of Brainclubs.com must not be involved in such schemes as well.

The users must not violate the copyrights/patents/trademark rights. They must never disclose commercial secrets or infringe the intellectual property of the people or legal entities.

Subscribers should never disclose the details concerning the obligations of the parties and the confidentiality of the data.

Any pornographic or harmful materials should be immediately deleted.

It is forbidden to abuse the other users because of their religious beliefs, gender, disability or the other things.

5. It is strongly forbidden for subscribers to:

  • Collect any kind of information about the other customers in order to use it for the advertising or the other marketing purposes. The only exception if there is agreement with the users for such application of their data.
  • Offer any sexual services, for instance, pornographic content or anything else, which has an age/country/religion limitations.
  • Use unlawful methods of work, for example, the artificially inflated clicks, pop-up windows with the teasers, and the others.
  • Create a new account after the blockage of the previous one because of the violation of the provisos described on Brainclubs.com.
  • Apply the illegal methods of identifiers manipulation for the purpose of finding the origin of the content the users transmit by means of Brainclubs.com.
  • Adapt, change, translate or derivate the source code of Brainclubs.com or the company’s technologies/software.
  • Create substitute goods/webpages/facilities using Brainclubs.com and the services rendered
  • Use viruses, Trojans or the other harmful programs on Brainclubs.com or to interfere with the information/system functioning.
  • Make damage to the work of Brainclubs.com.

6. Advertising materials

Every client of Brainclubs is an advertiser. He or she is accountable for the content of the adverts the other users see. Remember that our resource is not obliged to check the precision, rightfulness, truthfulness, and accuracy of the content. We bear no responsibility for the adverts displayed. We are neither answerable for the errors/damage/the other troubles caused by the application of subscribers’ content. Every customer of Brainclubs must understand the risks of the materials application.

7. Links to the other web pages

Brainclubs.com contains various links, which might lead to the other Internet resources. The latest are regulated by other sides, so Brainclubs is not connected with them and never bears the responsibility for the content, which can appear when you follow one of those links. We cannot know the possible consequences of the visits to the 3rd party sites. Subscribers carry all the risks themselves.

8. Copyright information

All the materials, which you might find on Brainclubs.com are under the protection of the copyright, trademark, and intellectual property laws. The legislation protects all the types of content:

  • site design
  • compilation
  • texts
  • graphics

Subscribers have no right for:

  • copying
  • publishing
  • reproducing
  • taking or using in any other manner
  • and framing the materials.

9. The information about Losses

Subscribers of the website bear the complete and unambiguous responsibility for the compensation of the damages, disputes consequences, and losses if they happen because of their actions or lack of actions towards the administration of the site or the site itself. It is connected (but not limited to) with the wrong application of Brainclubs.com, regulations breach or the other situation.

10. Payment information

It is required to give only true and valid information, including truthful name and surname. It is necessary for the correct withdrawal of the money from the site. The data you give should match the information of your bank card or bank account. Before the transaction, the identification is always carried out. If the information does not match, the transaction is canceled.

The payments are made weekly with the wire transfer. If Brainclubs makes a decision to change the rules of payment, they can do so without notification.

There is a stated smallest sum, which can be withdrawn. It totals 20 USD. It is also possible to make the transactions in EUR. The time of transaction might be different. Brainclubs is not accountable for the period required and the stability of the banking system’s work.

Be careful while making payments. The data obtained from the receiver must be precise. If the information about payment is not correct or changed, the receiver has 3 working days before the due date to inform about it by email. If there are any additional expenses connected with the payments, the receiver should pay them. The transactions might be delayed or canceled on the Brainclubs decision for any reason. It might happen when the subscriber breaks the rules of the site or suspected in it.

Our resource is not answerable for the taxes, so they must be paid by the users alone. The taxes also depend on the state/country/land/territory of the subscriber’s residence or taxation address. Sometimes the transaction is held by Brainclubs because we need certain documents on taxes but Brainclubs is not a tax agent in all cases without exclusions.

The duty of Brainclubs is to make the calculation for both statistics and payment. It consists of the unique clicks, activity, and revenue. The calculations are generated via the Brainclubs system and are accurate.

11. Compensation issues

To receive compensation, the user needs to make a corresponding request. There are several reasons for the requests of such type, which can be accepted by Brainclubs. The request should contain the causes of the operation. We are ready to satisfy the request if:

  • The advert materials do not correspond to the current legislation; have low quality, which is why the campaign cannot be initiated. There can be other reasons as well.
  • The campaign should be suspended. First of all, the subscriber needs to make a request to block the content. After the end of the campaign, you will get compensation.

You will receive only the funds left on the account. Note that it is required to send the requests from the email you indicated as yours during the registration.

If the subscriber breaks the rules, the request cannot be accepted by Brainclubs.

12. Disclaimer

Brainclubs.com is never accountable for the uninterrupted work of the site. The maintenance works might happen at any time without a prior notification. Brainclubs is not responsible for the actions of webmasters. We are also free to terminate their accounts for any reason without notifications. If webmasters are suspected in the rules/provisos infringement, their payments might be also suspended by Brainclubs. If the rights of the other parties are violated by the content or advertising materials, the webmaster can be blocked. The same might happen in the situation when the payment is delayed without a prior notification.

The only source of information, which is accepted as reliable, is the statistics on the advertising activity made by Brainclubs.

13. Force majeure cases

The parties should not carry the blame because of the delay or failure connected with the fulfillment of their obligations described in the Terms of Application in the cases of various force majeure situations, which include fires, wars, strikes, hurricanes or any other situations, which are not controlled by the parties. These force majeure situations must be proved in written form with a legal document issued by the authorized governmental body of the country of legal registration of one of the parties.

As an owner of this Internet site, Brainclubs is free to change the terms presented above at any time. No prior notification is obligatory in this case. The changes will be posted on Brainclubs.com and immediately come to operation.

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