WIFI marketing and data collection for physical venues. brainclubs.com


Are you the owner of some physical establishment and looking for ways of attracting and retention of people successfully?
Get more information about the best retention strategies
Using our multifunctional platform, you obtain necessary information about your customers and their activities. Don’t miss the chance to work on your sales growth with Brainclubs Wi-Fi device, or Radius.
Track the customers’ activities from entering to purchasing your venue. Upgrade advocacy from the customers to get the best results.
A customer enters your venue using our unique Wi-Fi device
You passively capture Audience Analytics because no network connection or application is needed
Wi-Fi is offered as an additional value and provides customers with a branded Wi-Fi login splash page
A customer can join open Wi-Fi network via SMS, Email or some social profile
Create a smart marketing list for better understanding of your customers’ needs
Work on better customer retention with automated marketing rules based on location
Track the place in the store where your custromers spend most of their time with signal triangulation
You can even collect the info about your customers’ gender and age
Collect other important info to promote your future ad campaigns (emails, names, phone numbers, interests, etc.)
Define the average time people stay in your business
Promote your social networking to get more followers
Stay in touch with your former customers and visitors
Example 1
Inform your inactive customers via SMS about good discounts on the next purchases
Example 2
Create and promote a Facebook account directed to your current and potential customers with shared interests
Example 3
Develop an Email campaign with the aim to inform your past visitors of your latest collection or different in-store promotions
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