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How to become an advertiser in Brainclubs?
Just fill in the Advertiser Sign Up Form. Accept our Advertiser’s Terms ans Conditions and pay at least $15 to set up your advertising campaign.
How to become a publisher in Brainclubs?
Firstly, just sign up as a publisher on Brainclubs. Getting your site approved, wait for your personal ad tags receiving to start generating revenue.
How much should I pay to start advertising on Brainclubs?
According to Brainclubs Terms and Conditions, $15 is enough for the start.
How can I pay for advertisements?

Our customers may pay via Bitcoin, Wire or Paypal.

Am I allowed to pay by CPL or CPA offers?
Unfortunately, no. Brainclubs recommends the CPM payment method only for charging clients.
Are the Tech Support advertisers allowed in Brainclubs?
Yes. But our company allows tech support advertisers only if the submitted landing pages are non-intrusive and compliant.
What verticals are offered to the advertisers in Brainclubs?
To our top verticals belong:
Lifestyle and Sports
Are the ad delivery options same for all in Brainclubs?
Yes. Anyone can get the ad delivery option because they all are based on bidding. Do you have the highest bid? The option is yours.
Can I use NSFW traffic?

Yes. NSFW traffic belongs to our self-serve traffic offers.

Can I iframe into Brainclubs platform or place my own javascript code?
No. For security reasons, every tag insertion into our platform is forbidden. Moreover, some functions of our auto-optimizer would n’t work correctly.
What is the source of all the company’s traffic?
Most of the traffic (80%) is taken from publishers of web properties. The rest of it comes from some of the Premium Ad Networks.
What kinds of campaigns can I target on Sulotiontraffic site?

Our customers can target campaigns based on the browser, device, location, or operation system.

What sizes of an ad display can I use?
You can use IAB standard banner sizes, Messenger Pop, Pop-unders, Page Takeovers, Aligat and Overlays.
How can I pay for my transactions?

You can pay either via Paypal, or Wire.

What benefits can I get working as a Publisher in Vrainclubs?
Our company offers a wide range of opportunities for publishers. Our upgraded bidding technology enables publishers to achieve highly competitive rates. High eCPM is guaranteed for every publisher because publishers are directly connected to the top advertiser bids.
Why can my site be declined for advertising in Brainclubs?
site doesn't meet certain criteria we will contact you with the reason why it was declined. Because there exist some reasons for access denial. First of all, make sure you meet all the Brainclubs Terms and Conditions. If you do, but your site still doesn’t work, contact our tech support and become informed within 24 h. We work for progress and success, that is why your feedback is important for us!
Why ads are not displaying after I applied and installed the ad tag?
Because we need to review all the sites before the ads are allowed to display. Brainclubs reviewing process takes some time and sometimes it can last for 48 h. If you still have a problem with ad displaying, check your Email and see if your site was approved.
Is there a problem if I already have ads on my site?
No. We have no problems with other platforms. Instead, we try to cooperate well with our competitors. According to the “Terms and conditions” in Brainclubs, we have a great partnership program and, perhaps, your partner is our partner too.
Can I get a big profit working with Brainclubs?
Yes, because your profit directly depends on the exposure of your site. If your site has attractive design, big traffic, interesting content and good optimization, then it’s easy for you to “hit the jackpot”. All you need to do is to choose one of the Brainclubs successful strategies and start promoting your business!
What services does Brainclubs offer to its Publishers?
We offer the latest innovative technologies available on the technological market today. Brainclubs guarantees complete transparency in operations, no upfront commitments or restrictive conditions, and, of course, a great tech assistance at every stage of your ad campaign!
Before starting to work as a Publisher, should I sign any exclusivity agreements?
No. All you should do is just concentrate on the advertising prosess. Our company doesn’t forbid you from working with other ad services. Instead, we designed our platform to work with your revenue strategy on any conditions.
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