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How does Connect help you to start your ad campaign?
Simply connect with our marketing specialists to choose the best strategy plan. This way you can easily achieve your objectives.
Do I need to provide Connect with the access to my code or analytics?
Yes. The access to your site code enables Connect to track all your ad operations and define whether they are successful or not. Via your Google Analytics Connect analyzes the productivity of the chosen platform. These actions are necessary for better campaign optimization.
What ad platforms can I use?
Our customers are welcome to use LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, AppNexus, Bing, Perfect Audience and Google Adwords.
Can I create banner ads via Connect?
Yes, of course. You can use the services of our creative designers who will gladly develop the banner design you want. What is more, we offer a unique chance for our customers to become designers themselves and create the desirable banner on their own.
Can I approve banners before they become operational?
Of course. We offer you a design, and you are the one who decide whether to use it or not. Seek for the best in your business.
Is there any minimum time the campaign can last?
No. But we insist on at least three months’ duration. This time is enough for you to collect all the necessary data and properly optimize your advertising.
Can I get the stats of my campaign?
Sure. All our customers obtain detailed online stats. Moreover, you can view it any time you want.
Does Connect provide a personal touch to assure me that my company’s message is understood correctly?
Yes, it does. Every customer works with a personal campaign professional face-to-face. This helps us to understand your message better andto improve your performance.
What is a Google Tag Manager (GTM)?
A Google Tag Manager is a special tool that helps online marketers to upgrade and update site tags. This includes conversation tracking, remarketing, site analytics, etc.
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