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Should I install many Wi-Fi devices?
It depends. Our sales reps say that there are customers who need to use more devices (in large businesses) and those who need less (in smaller businesses). Some of them require more tools for customer triangulation.
Is it legal to use Wi-Fi marketing?
Sure, it’s absolutely legal. Identification data can’t be shared if terms and conditions of Wi-Fi device are not agreed. That is why, all the user info in Wi-Fi marketing is anonymous and not automatically shared.
How much does installation cost?
It depends. If you commit to an annual term, it is usually cheaper. A monthly commitment requires a one time $150 fee.
Do I need an Internet connection to use Radius?
Yes. Radius is a device that allows you to collect information from Wi-Fi users, but you still need to have internet available for it to work.
Do I have to sign any contracts to start using Radius?
No, because we are sure that you will definitely enjoy the benefits of Radius and see how much good info you can obtain if you continue to have it in your venue.
Is security of my Wi-Fi device guaranteed?
Of course! Be sure that your data is secure from hack because Radius provides a stand-alone connection.
In what format can I get the necessary visitor info?
Radius sends all the customer data in the convenient PDF format.
Can I keep marketing to former customers?

Sure! This kind of marketing is quite fruitful because you remind your former clients of you and refresh them with your latest offers. Contact with your past visitors via SMS, Instagram, Email, Viber, Facebook, etc.

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